The Clearfield County Victim/Witness Office is under the direct supervision of the Clearfield County District Attorney. The mission of the Office is to ensure the rights of crime victims are protected and that the criminal justice system treats crime victims and witnesses with fairness, compassion, dignity, and respect.

The Victim/Witness Office is funded by two state grants and on federal grant. Services include assistance with restitution claims, supplying information on case status, crisis counseling, support counseling, accompaniment to court proceedings, courtroom orientation, employer/creditor intervention, state and local correctional facility release notification, criminal justice support and advocacy, assistance with property returns, and assistance with crime victim’s compensation claims.

Special services include a Homicide Support Group that meets quarterly, 24 hour on-call services to assist victims and law enforcement during off hours, and accompanying victims to speak at local state prisons as part of the Impact of Crime classes.

The Victim/Witness Office provides services to victims of all crimes including homicide, assault, sexual assault, domestic violence, arson, DUI, bad checks, forgery, and identity theft. The office services victims of both adult and juvenile offenders.

These services are offered to assist victims cope with the trauma associated with victimization and lessen the inconvenience often associated with participation in the criminal justice system. Your cooperation throughout the criminal justice process is essential to the successful prosecution of criminal cases and is sincerely appreciated.