mcgruffCLEARFIELD- On September 14, 2011, Clearfield County District Attorney, William A. Shaw, Jr., participated in Clearfield County’s 5th Annual Progressive Agriculture Safety Day. Shaw stated that this annual event promotes safety and healthy living, and provides a vital chance to instruct area students on how to be safe and healthy both in school and at home.

Shaw noted that there were nearly 300 second grade students and teachers present at the event, representing six (6) Clearfield County schools including: Bradford Elementary, Centre Elementary, Clearfield Alliance Christian, Clearfield Elementary, Girard-Goshen Elementary, and St. Francis. Shaw also explained that there were sixteen (16) safety-related stations on the topics of: Gun Safety, Bullying, Agricultural Awareness, Hand Washing, Lyme Disease, Tobacco Prevention, Fire Safety, Disaster Prevention, Disability Awareness, Poison Look-a-Likes, Seatbelt/Car Seat Safety, Probation/Drug Awareness, Bicycle/Helmet Safety, 911, PA One Call/Underground Utilities, and Electric Safety.  The event was held at the Clearfield County Fairgrounds.

DA Shaw’s McGruff the Crime Dog themed station focused on bullying, where he counseled students on recognizing a bully, as well as what to do if you are being bullied.  Shaw emphasized that the best way to respond to a bully is with a friend, and demonstrated to the students how to have a “buddy” when attempting to stop bullying that’s taking place. Shaw also spoke to the student about the impact and consequences of cyber-bullying. Shaw stressed to the children that if bullying continues after an effort is made to stop the bullying, it is very important to report the situation to an adult at school as well as a parent or adult at home.

Parents seeking more information and advice about bullying can go to: http://www.ncpc.org/topics/by-audience/parents .