Josh Shapiro

Josh Shapiro

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield County District Attorney, William A. Shaw, Jr., announced the grand opening of the Clearfield County Child Advocacy Center.

At a news conference held at the CAC, Shaw stated that he was elated to report that Clearfield County now has a functioning Child Advocacy Center.  Shaw reported the opening of the Child Advocacy Center is the result of a three-year journey to bring the center to a reality.  Shaw noted the CAC was made possible through the hard work and dedication of many individuals dedicated to protecting children in our community.  Shaw specifically thanked PCCD Chairman Josh Shapiro for making certain that Clearfield County received the necessary grant funding to bring a CAC to our community.  Shaw also thanked CenClear for their hard work and dedication to bring the CAC on-line.  Shaw said that without the partnership of CenClear and the stewardship of PCCD Chairman Josh Shapiro, our community would be without this very valuable tool to fight child abuse.

According to Shaw, the purpose of a CAC is to provide a multi-disciplinary team (MDIT) approach to reports of child physical and sexual abuse.  The MDIT is comprised of prosecutors, police officers, children and youth officials, victim advocates, and mental health providers who are uniquely qualified to assist in the identification, investigation, and prosecution of individuals who abuse children.

A major component of the CAC is to provide a forensic interview of abused children in a secure and safe environment.  The forensic interview enables the child victim to be interviewed by a qualified interviewer while the MDIT observes the interview through closed circuit monitoring and provides feedback relevant to the particular case.  This process removes the trauma a child experiences from multiple interviews.  This trauma was historically associated with multiple interviews by multiple officials who are responsible for investigating allegations of child abuse.  Instead, the MDIT approach is now used that enables all interested agencies to participate in a single forensic interview.

Josh Shapiro, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD), who was on-hand for the grand opening of the Clearfield County CAC stated that “today represents another milestone in our statewide effort to ensure that the most vulnerable among us, our children, can get the help they need no matter where they live.” Shapiro noted that Child Advocacy Centers like CenClear represent the best tool we have to help the victims of child abuse and to prosecute those responsible. That is why PCCD has provided over $200,000 in funding to CenClear and more than $6.7 million to Child Advocacy Centers statewide.”

According to Pauline Raab, CenClear Chief Executive Officer, “Since 1980, CenClear has provided services to children and families. All too often, our staff have worked with children who were victims of abuse. We are pleased to be able to offer a facility that ensures local services for these children.”

Finally, Shaw reported that our CAC is up and running and we are seeing children on a regular basis.  Shaw said we have three forensic interviewers who have been trained and are currently conducting our forensic interviews and they are doing an awesome job for our children. 

Shaw said that many people helped to create the CAC and he wanted to personally thank each and every person who contributed to brining a Child Advocacy Center to Clearfield County.


Anyone with knowledge or information about a crime is asked to call Clearfield County Crime Stoppers at (800)-376-4700.

All calls to Crime Stoppers are confidential.  Anonymous tips can also be submitted by visiting the Clearfield County District Attorney web site at “www.ClearfieldDA.org” and selecting “Report A Crime”.   




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