SAVIN stands for Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification.

It is Pennsylvania’s Victim Notification System.
It is a statewide application being implemented by the Pennsylvania
District Attorneys Institute to assist victims of crime. PA SAVIN is
being implemented in Pennsylvania as part of the national VINE network.

* This project was supported by the Grant No. 2006VNCX0009 awarded
to the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency by the Bureau
of Justice Assistance. The Bureau of Justice Assistance is a component
of the Office of Justice Programs, which also includes the Bureau of
Justice Statistics, the National Institute of Justice, the Office of
Juvenile Justice and the Delinquency Prevention, and the Office for
Victims of Crime. Points of view or opinions in this document are those
of the author and do not represent the official position or policies of
the United States Department of Justice. The current edition of the OJP
Financial Guide provides guidance on allowable printing activities.

SAVIN in Pennsylvania will provide:

  • 24 hour access to Offender Custody information

  • Ability to verify Offender Custody Status

  • Automatic notification of changes in Offender Custody Status (for registered users)

  • It will allow Crime Victims and any Pennsylvanian to anonymously register for and
    receive notification on an offender’s release

  • Each SAVIN user can register multiple phone numbers

  • For security, the SAVIN user will select a PIN # during registration

  • If a change of custody takes place, the SAVIN user will receive e-mails or phone calls,
    as requested. Phone calls will continue until the PIN is entered

  • An Offender will not know that a person has registered to use SAVIN

  • System is constantly monitored by experts to assure uninterrupted service

  • There is no limit on how many times per day a person can call into SAVIN to check
    offender status