The Clearfield County District Attorney is proud to offer several internship opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience.  Internship placement is available for law school students, as well as students attending college and business school.  Space is limited and you are encouraged to apply for an internship position as soon as possible. 


Students seeking any of the internship opportunities must meet the following minimum requirements:

– Excellent computer skills
– Familiarity with Word Perfect
– Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, Acess, and Outlook
– Excellent writing skills
– Excellent communication skills
– Must pass a criminal background check
– Must submit a written resume and cover letter
– Must have an oral interview




Students attending law school are encouraged to seek an internship position with our office.  Law students who meet the requirements will become Certified Legal Interns (CLI)and given the opportunity to represent the Commonwealth with formal participation in legal matters.  CLIs can expect to conduct preliminary hearings and criminal trials.  CLIs will also gain practical experience by representing the Commonwealth during court proceedings including motions court, sentencing court, revocation court, juvenile court, and summary appeal hearings. CLIs will work closely with a supervising attorney to research relevant legal issues, prepare briefs and motions, prepare jury instructions, review search warrant applications and applications for governmental access to computer data, as well as respond to the day-to-day issues handled by the District Attorney.  The CLI position is an excellent opportunity for law students to gain valuable resume experience and any law student interested in the position is encouraged to apply.  Please see Rule 321 of the PA Bar Admission Rules to determine if you are eligible to become a Certified Legal Intern.  CLIs may be eligible to receive course credit through their law school’s externship program. 

*** The Office of District Attorney works closely with the Penn State Dickinson School of Law to provide CLI opportunities for eligible students.  Students seeking a CLI position through Penn State Dickinson must follow the law school’s procedures for enrollment in the externship program in order to apply and receive course credit.

Law school students who do not meet the eligibility requirements of Rule 321 are still encouraged to apply for the position of General Legal Intern (GLI).  As a general rule, students who perform as a GLI are given preference for a CLI position when the student becomes eligible for certification.  A GLI will perform all functions of a CLI with the exception of representing the Commonwealth during court proceedings.  This is an excellent opportunity for law students to gain valuable resume experience and any law student interested in the GLI position is encouraged to apply.



College students seeking experience in law enforcement are encouraged to apply a position as a College Student Intern (CSI).  The CSI can expect to work routinely with prosecuting attorneys and support staff to prepare documents and exhibits for use during court proceedings.  The CSI will also attend and observe court proceedings and assist with coordinating witness movement to and from various hearings.  The CSI may also be expected to answer phones and respond to questions about court schedules.  Preference is given to students majoring in criminology, criminal justice, or a similar field of study.  This is an excellent opportunity for college students to gain valuable resume experience.



Business school students seeking experience working in a fast paced high volume law office are encouraged to apply for the position of Business School Intern (BSI).  The BSI will gain hands-on experience working with support staff to facilitate daily operations of the District Attorney’s Office.  The BSI may be required to type documents, answer phones, take messages, schedule appointments, file documents, prepare exhibits, and any similar tasks necessary to meet daily operating requirements of the office.  This is an excellent opportunity for business school students to gain valuable resume experience.



The Office of District Attorney regularly accepts internship applications for the upcoming summer break and the upcoming fall/spring semesters.  Applications for the summer break must be submitted by May 1st of the same year.  Applications for the fall/spring semesters must be submitted by July 1st of the same year.  Up to 4 internship positions are available.  



If, based upon your resume, you have been selected for further consideration, you will contacted for an interview consistent with the following schedule:

Summer Internship Applicants – Contacted First Week of May – Interviews Occur in May – Notified Last Week in May

Fall/Spring Internship Applicants – Contacted First Week of July – Interviews occur in July – Notified Last Week of July



Students seeking an internship position should submit a cover letter and resume in .PDF format through electronic mail to:

William A. Shaw, Jr.
District Attorney
Office of the District Attorney
230 East Market Street, Suite 210
Clearfield, PA 16830



* * Applications not submitted electronically shall not be considered for an internship position.

* * Responses to applications are sent via e-mail only.

** E-Mails checking on the status of an application are not responded to.