DA Shaw and Carol Jackson of the Drug & Alcohol Commission

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield County District Attorney, William A. Shaw, Jr., announced today
that the Clearfield County Drug Court is now in operation.

Shaw explained that a Committee of service providers, probation officers, jail personnel and representatives from the Court and District Attorney’s Office have been working on plans for a Drug Court for the past year.

Shaw said the hard work and planning has paid off. Clearfield now has a Drug Court!

Shaw reported that creation of a Drug Court is a very involved process that requires input and buy-in from multiple organizations and service providers. Shaw said he was proud to report that “we have been able to get all the major components necessary to operate a Drug Court to participate and our Drug Court is exceptional!!!”

Among other things, we now have a Case Manager embedded in the county jail who can interview and evaluate potential candidates for Drug Court at the preliminary hearing stage. The Case Manager is provided through funding from the Clearfield Jefferson Drug and Alcohol Commission and is supplied at no cost to taxpayers.

Additionally, Shaw noted that we now have a physician on staff who can evaluate potential Drug Court candidates and determine if the candidate is well suited for Drug Court. Shaw said the purpose of a physician is to verify the veracity and suitability of each candidate for Drug Court.

Again, Shaw explained, the cost of the physician is provided through the Clearfield Jefferson Drug and Alcohol Commission and is at no cost to taxpayers.

Shaw said he was very excited to formally introduce a Drug Court to Clearfield County, noting that an informal Drug Court has been ongoing for the past year to test and modify policies and procedures.

Shaw said our Drug Court program is focused on identifying first time offenders who are non-violent drug users and diverting these offenders to intense counseling with the goal of preventing further drug use and further criminal behavior. Shaw said if we can stop the drug use early, we have a chance to prevent future crime and reduce the burden on our overcrowded jail. Shaw explained the Drug Court program is geared to identifying potential candidates at the preliminary hearing stage and diverting these cases to the Drug Court to reduce the burden on the Court system and the County jail.

Shaw thanked Sue Ford and her staff from the Clearfield Jefferson Drug and Alcohol Commission, as well as Cen Clear, the Clearfield County Probation Department and the many service providers who assisted in creation of the Drug Court. Shaw said the dedication and commitment of these professionals will guarantee a successful Drug Court in Clearfield County.

Anyone with knowledge or information about a crime is asked to call Clearfield County Crime Stoppers at (800)-376-4700.

All calls to Crime Stoppers are confidential. Anonymous tips can also be submitted by visiting the Clearfield County District Attorney web site at “www.ClearfieldDA.org” and selecting “Report A Crime”.


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