The increased use of illegal drugs is the most damaging crime to our community.  Families are broken apart and many lives are lost needlessly from drug overdose.

Drug addiction is often the motivating factor for committing other crimes.  More and more we see drug addicts committing violent crimes like burglary, assaults, and robberies to obtain money to purchase illegal drugs in an effort to satisfy their drug cravings.

To combat the drug problem, the District Attorney’s Office pursues several strategies.  Of most importance is education.  Schools are visited upon request and every effort is made to educate our children of the dangers associated with drug use.

Additionally, the District Attorney’s Office manages the Clearfield County Drug Task Force.  The Drug Task Force is made possible through grant money received from Attorney General Tom Corbett.  The Drug Task Force is made up of municipal police officers from multiple departments in Clearfield County.  Task Force officers are a dedicated group who devote their time to the detection, investigation, and prosecution of individuals who violate the Drug Act.

The District Attorney’s Office also works closely with the Pennsylvania State Police, Troop-C Vice Unit.  Troopers from the Vice Unit work dilligently to infiltrate the local drug culture and prosecute drug dealers in our community.