Core Values

To achieve our Mission, the employees of the Office of the District Attorney strive to maintain the following Core Values:





We hold ourselves to the highest level of ethical integrity in both our professional and personal affairs.

We seek justice through the honest and fair enforcement of criminal laws. We endeavor to prosecute crimes that are supported by competent evidence and to decline prosecution where insufficient evidence exists to obtain a conviction of guilt following trial by jury.

Fiscal Management:
We strive to achieve our Mission through the sound fiscal management and efficiency of our daily operations.

We hold ourselves accountable to the citizens and taxpayers of Clearfield County and accept responsibility for our daily operations and actions.

We shall show compassion, respect, and understanding to victims of crime and exercise diligent efforts to keep victims informed.

Team Work:
We shall foster an environment that promotes team work among law enforcement agencies to provide the highest level of protection for the citizens of Clearfield County.

We seek to keep the community informed of the daily activities of the District Attorney’s Office and promote community involvement for the purpose of achieving the highest level of public safety.

We shall be available at all times to assist law enforcement efforts in the investigation of criminal activities.