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Contact the Office of District Attorney at (814) 765-2641 x 5017 for further instruction.

Bad Checks

When a bad check is passed in our community, the cost is far
reaching. Thousands of dollars are lost each year by merchants who
accept bad checks. As a result, consumers face higher prices to offset
the cost of bad… Continue reading


In recent years, the level of burglary complaints filed in
Clearfield County has spiked to an unacceptable level.  This large
increase is directly related to drug use. 

Drug addicts routinely
commit burglaries with the sole purpose of obtaining cash to… Continue reading


Our Community Can Live
Without It!!!


Every year, Clearfield County suffers the loss of life to those who
are driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. 

In an effort to protect our community from drunk drivers, the… Continue reading


The increased use
of illegal drugs is the most damaging crime to our community. 
Families are broken apart and many lives are lost needlessly from drug

Drug addiction is often the motivating factor for committing other
crimes.  More and… Continue reading